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Do you know a freethinking woman in need of a mental break? Give her a gift membership to The Unspeakeasy! 

You are helping your friend live more authentically, speak more honestly, and forge new connections and friendships. We’re excited to meet your friend! 

But first things first...


At The Unspeakeasy, we take the privacy of our members seriously. That’s why we’ve implemented an easy application process that helps us ensure that everyone in our community is acting in good faith.


  • Fill out the form with your information.

  • CHECK YOUR INBOX: We'll send your friend an email letting them know you bought them a gift membership, and you will receive a confirmation,

  • CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDERS: If your friend is having a hard time finding it, tell them to check their spam folder.

  • Your friend will fill out this form.

  • Voilá! They are now part of the online community!


Our community is based on honesty — both intellectual and personal. We reserve the right to remove members who risk other community members’ privacy or security.

All members of the community still have to fill out our application form. But since you recommended someone to the community, they get a leg up. We'll still check them out, but we won't require as much information.

All of the information you provide us will be kept confidential.

Thanks for submitting! Check your email and let your friend know to check theirs.

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