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We're excited that you are applying to The Unspeakeasy School of Thought! This is your next step in curious and nuanced literary exploration.

INSTRUCTIONS: Please read carefully.

  1. Please apply using the form below. Applicants should be as specific as possible about why they are applying for a particular class. These personal statements are as important to us as your writing samples.

  2. Upload a PDF writing sample. They do not necessarily have to be in the subject or style of the class, but do refer to the course description page for what the instructor is looking for.

  3. Normally, you'll get an email letting you know that we received your application. Currently, our email automations are not set up, so feel free to email if you need a receipt notification.

  4. Soon, our course administrator will let you know if you have been accepted and send you all the information you need to sign up.

Which course are you applying for?
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Thanks for submitting!

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