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We know it can be daunting to commit to something sight unseen. In a perfect world, there would be a way to let you peek inside the community before you sign up.

But a private community is just that; private. Offering tours or free trials would defeat the mission, which is to provide a space to talk and share ideas in a closed circle of trusted, like-minded (or not-so-like-minded) women. Everything that happens in the community stays in the community and is off the record.

We’re also brand new. Everything is always growing and changing. 

That said, there are a few questions we can answer right now.


What's the format, exactly?

It’s a private social platform with a focus on viewpoint diversity and resistance to groupthink. Think of it as a mini-Facebook filled with smart, thoughtful women who won’t lose their minds if you utter names like Jordan Peterson or JK Rowling. When you come in, you’ll be able to introduce yourself (though you don’t have to) and see all the different discussion forums and what’s happening within them. Within those forums, you can start a new conversation or jump into an existing one. You can share articles, videos, photos, documents, and social media links, but you can’t put anything from the community on social media.

How many women are in the community?

Let’s just say . . . in the hundreds. And we’re just getting started.

Why do I pay for the whole year up front?

A private community is all about trust. By asking members to commit to a year upon signing up, we help ensure that everyone who joins is there in good faith and out of genuine interest. 

Can I join anonymously? I’m worried about putting my name out there.

You cannot “join anonymously,” per se. The community is a circle of trust, and everyone needs to know who they’re interacting with. That said, if you are very concerned about posting under your full name, we can work with you to come up with a comfortable solution. 


The important thing is that we know who you are. When you apply for membership, you’ll need to fill out a brief form asking for proof of who are you (there are lots of ways to do this) and a few words about what drew you to the community. Once approved, you’ll come on in! 

You can apply here.

Do you offer gift memberships?

We sure do! Once you join the community, you can purchase a membership for a friend.

How old are most of the women?

All ages. We might skew more toward older millennials and Gen-X, but Unspeakeasy members range in age from their mid-20s to their late 70s.

Where do they come from?

Unspeakeasy members come from all over the world. Most are from the U.S. and Canada, but lots of other countries are also represented (shoutout to Australia!)

Are they all badass #girlbosses? Will I feel intimidated?

No and no! As with the retreats, the beauty of The Unspeakeasy online community is that it brings together women from all backgrounds. Here you will find stay-at-home moms, corporate professionals, creative artists, students, teachers, journalists, scientists, tech workers, physicians, therapists, librarians, electricians, farmers . . . on and on!

Will this remain for women only? What about the guys?

The Unspeakeasy’s online community and retreats are currently for women only. But periodically, we offer  “Unspeakeasy For All” hangouts, which we’ll announce in the community and elsewhere. We know that lots of men want in on the action and, as we grow, we’ll explore ways to add events and communities for everyone.

(And, guys, it makes a great gift for that special freethinking lady in your life!)

What about politics? Are people conservative or liberal?

Both and everything in between. Here you might find a committed socialist having a friendly conversation with someone who voted for Trump. Or a person of deep religious faith finding common ground with an atheist. Mostly, these are women who are tired of having to fit their opinions into a single ideological box. It’s possible to think one way about abortion and another way about immigration. Or to listen to NPR and also Bari Weiss’s podcast. Who knew?!

I’m sick of talking about politics. Should I still join?

That’s exactly why you should join! As much as we talk about politics and culture war issues, we also talk about books, movies, parenting, cooking, sports, health, the current season of Succession, and all the usual things people talk about. There’s an advice forum if you need help with a touchy subject and a book club with a new title selection every three months. Once a week for the first few months, Meghan will host a Zoom meeting where people can talk about whatever is on their minds.

So come on in!

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