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We are ready to welcome you in. We also want to know a little bit about you first. So please apply below and we’ll get back to you very soon!



• Discussion forums on audience-favorite heterodox topics


• Message board for local in-person meetups and heterodox events


• Coffee Dates to connect 1-on-1 with other freethinkers


• Quarterly Unspeakeasy Book Club


• Meghan Daum-curated Bookshop of heterodox titles


• The Unspeakeasy Member Professional Directory



• Everything in Heretic membership

• 10% discount on Unspeakeasy in-person retreats, effective Fall 2023

• Undying gratitude

Stunning & Brave


• Everything in Pariah membership

• Our love and admiration

• Moral superiority

Gift Membership


Have a free-thinking lady friend in your life? Give the gift of intellectual freedom with a membership to The Unspeakeasy.

A gift membership is good for one year and comes with all the benefits of the Heretic level.

Your friend will go through the normal screening process (which will be extra easy since it comes from a recommendation from you), and once that’s done, she’ll be in! 

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