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What is the unspeakeasy and how did it begin?
In 2022, writer, podcaster and teacher Meghan Daum led a group of women into the California desert for three days of brainstorming about an exciting new project: The Unspeakeasy.

How It Began


In the spring of 2022, the writer, podcaster and teacher Meghan Daum led a group of ten women into the California high desert for three days of brainstorming about an exciting new project. In a series of candid, intense, deeply informed, and often emotional discussions, they wrestled with some of the most vexing and complicated issues of our times: the chaos of COVID policies, the new gender ideology, the state of the #MeToo movement, gun rights, reproductive rights, the ideological capture of fine arts and culture, and much more. It was a life-changing experience. 


It was also the start of The Unspeakeasy.

What Is The Unspeakeasy?


The Unspeakeasy is a community for free-thinking women who crave honest conversations about subjects that don’t come with easy solutions. Designed in the spirit of a Prohibition-era speakeasy, it's an underground world full of intellectual curiosity, good-faith debate and real humor.


Why Is It Only For Women?


Every day, Meghan hears from people who tell her they feel like they’re going crazy. They tell her that ideological polarization makes them feel like they can no longer be themselves around friends and family members with whom they once felt perfectly aligned. Though Meghan hears from women and men alike, she's noticed that the effects of this alienation can be especially pronounced for women, who are often more sensitive to the social penalties that come from speaking up. As a result, women often stay silent. And bowing out of private conversations leads to being left out of the public conversation too. 

What’s Happening Next? 


The Unspeakeasy’s online community is up and is growing everyday. Currently there are more than 400 members from countries ranging from the U.S. and Canada to India, Australia, and the U.K. The community offers subject-specific discussion forums, guest lectures, writing groups, bookclubs, opportunities to organize local in-person meetups, and more. It is a private, secured space and all conversations are off-the-record. 


The Unspeakeasy’s flagship offering is the so-called “sanity spa retreat.” Since the fall of 2022, retreats have taken place in Vermont, upstate New York, Los Angeles, Austin, Minneapolis, Seattle, Denver, Louisville, and the Pocono Mountains. Our first ever coed retreat is happening in Chicago in June 2024.


What happens when I join?

When you join our online community, you'll be able to choose between three tiers of membership. From there, you'll find discussion groups, book clubs, live events, advice forums, professional directories, and lots of new friends.

You might even see some old friends.  


Click the button below to get more information.

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