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You haven't lost your mind

It's right inside the door...
The Unspeakeasy: A community for freethinking women who crave conversation — not hashtags.

The Unspeakeasy is a community for free-thinking women who crave honest conversations about subjects that don’t come with easy solutions.


Designed in the spirit of a Prohibition-era speakeasy, it's an underground world full of intellectual curiosity, good-faith debate and real humor.

Why The Unspeakeasy?


 The Unspeakeasy is the creation of writer, podcaster, and teacher Meghan Daum. Through her work, Meghan found that many women struggle to find places where they can have candid conversations about important subjects.


The community offers a private space where intellectually curious (AKA, “problematic”) women from everywhere on the political spectrum can talk honestly about complex issues and ask meaningful questions to which there are no easy answers.

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