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Denver 1-Day Retreat

Sept. 30

Denver 1-Day Retreat

Announcing our first ever one-day retreat! Plus an evening of comedy for all!

GUEST SPEAKER: Jennifer Sey, Levi's business executive and retired elite gymnast-turned author, filmmaker and free speech advocate will be joining us as our guest speaker!

Saturday, Sept. 30 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.



Where is it?

A beautiful co-working and event space in the Golden Triangle district of Denver.

When is it?

Saturday, September 30, 2023 10am to 5pm. Lunch provided. Snacks and beverages available througout the day.

Saturday evening there will be a private “Unspeakeasy For All” (meaning men are invited) party featuring comedy! Details forthcoming. Your retreat fee covers attendance plus a guest or two.

What is it exactly?

Think of this as a mini “ideas vacation” or maybe even a “sanity spa.” Think of it also as an extended dinner party, hosted by Meghan. An Unspeakeasy retreat is more than just workshops and mingling. It’s a series of conversations shaped around participants’ specific interests and knowledge bases.

Unspeakeasy retreats are small, with a maximum of 15-20 participants. They are also unrecorded, off-the-record and (unless explicitly agreed to otherwise) free of social media. Learn more about them here.

What do we talk about?

Once the participant list is confirmed, Meghan will choose guest speakers and design a schedule of events that reflects attendees’ particular interests and areas of knowledge.

What will I take away?

For starters, a sense of solidarity and the feeling that you're not crazy. The ultimate takeaway would be tools and strategies for having honest, productive conversations with friends, colleagues and peers about any number of topics, especially those deemed taboo. Ideally, you will leave with a renewed confidence in your own sense of reality and ability to speak up. This can be applied in a leadership context as well as in everyday interactions. Plus, you’ll have a lot of new friends!

I’m interested! What do I do now?

For pricing and application information contact us at or click the button below We don’t have an “application” per se. But we’d like to know a little about what drew you to The Unspeakeasy

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