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Our "sanity-spa" retreats are the flagship offering of The Unspeakeasy. At these retreats, free-thinking women gather to discuss delicate issues facing our culture. In past sessions, we have discussed gender, the arts, medicine, feminism, race, gun rights/control, and many other subjects. You can learn more about our retreats and hear from former attendees below.

Guest speaker Bridget Phetasy Capitol Building in Austin, TX The Unspeakeasy Retreat

Austin, TX

Weekend, daytime-only mini-retreat.
GUEST SPEAKER: Bridget Phetasy

June 24 – June 25 2023

The Unspeakeasy New York City retreat fall foliage central park.

East Coast Retreat

TBA. Will likely be a mini-retreat in the fall of 2023.

Fall, TBD

Nice ski lodge in the poconos

Pocono Mountains, PA

Overnight only.

Oct. 23 – Oct. 26 2023

The Unspeakeasy vintage champagne glasses sitting on a bar.

Upcoming Retreats

Don't see one coming to a place near you? Contact us and let us know where you'd like to have one!

Stay tuned!

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